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About Us
Owned and operated by Mickey Carmichael and daughter Gale O'Connor, Mickey's Orchids has been in business in the downtown Fort Lauderdale area since 1962.  Our collection contains over 10,000 orchids as well as select foliage plants.

Our goal is to provide the novice as well as the experienced grower with
hearty plants that bloom often.  Therefore, we do most of our own hybridizing specializing in "frequent blooming" Brassavola nodosa crosses.  In addition, we carry a full range of orchids including Phalaenopsis, Dendrobium, Cattleya, and Vandaceous varieties.

Most of our orchids are mounted on tree fern totems, driftwood,
and coconuts, which are not only unique and beautiful works of art, but minimize the work associated with repotting.  What makes people come back to our nursery over and over is that our orchids are grown in the same environment you have in your own backyard:
  • We do not have humidity-controlled greenhouses
  • We do not have solid roofs to keep out rain water
  • We do not fertilize every day

These artificial conditions (unnecessary, as you will see at our nursery) are difficult for the novice to duplicate, and often result in a discouraging, rather than rewarding, orchid-growing experience.  Orchids are very gratifying because the flowers last, in some varieties up to two months. Consider us the next time you need an Orchid ArrangementWe cater to the yachting industry as well as private homes and businesses, designing arrangements for any occasion.  Our customers enjoy the beauty and longevity of Orchid Arrangements as compared to cut flowers. 

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