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Orchid Gallery

C. mem. Bleuii
(we have crossed this with C. aclandiae)

Cattleya Violacea

         Guarisophleya Joe's Dark Star
C. Fabulous Cheetah
(we have crossed with C. aclandiae)

 Blc. Mickey's Freckles
Otaara Hidden Gold

C. Jose's Freckles 
(We have this crossed 
with Ctna. Why Not)
Bc. Hippodamia

Czh. Gales Golden Key

Blc. Michael Kaduce

Bc. Adrienne Arsht

 Cattlianthe Jose's Sugar Plum
(We Have crossed this C. violacea)

brassavola nodosa

Pot. Love-Love
(We crossed this Bl Richard Muller)

Broanthavola Florida Sunset

 "Mickey's Orchids" AM/AOS

LC Melody Fair "Carol"

 Bl. Yellow Bird
 Ctna. New River

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