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Mounted Orchids

315 SW 23rd Street

Fort Lauderdale, FL  33315

        954 523-8867



Most orchids are classified as epiphytes (growing on trees in nature), or lithophytes (growing on rocks in nature); as a result, mounting is one of the most natural ways to grow orchids.  Aside from being unique and beautiful, mounting orchids eliminates the need for repotting due to potting medium breakdown, or your orchid outgrowing its pot.

Below are just a sample of Mickey's Mounted orchids.

Brassavola nodosa

Blc. Michael Kaduce 

BLC Empress Worsley "Roman Holiday" SM/SFOS AM/AOS

Caulocattleya Jose Hermo

Carmichaelara "Gale"

BLC Ann Hamilton
Bc. Hippadamia

Blc. Mickeys Freckles

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