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Attaching orchids to trees and rocks is one of my favorite things to do not to mention the orchid is pretty thrilled since thats how they grow in nature. The most foolproof way that I cant stress enough is to place them where the sprinklers will hit them.


The first thing that I do when I am going to place orchids on trees or rocks is  turn the sprinklers on for a few minutes then look for the wet spots.


Next step is to determine the amount of light that is present where the wet spots are on the trees and rocks. It will be, full sun morning, sun afternoon, sun or dappled light all day etc.


Now that you have determined water and light you are ready to choose the right type of orchid for your conditions (different orchids have different light and temperature requirements).


When you have the orchids ready to attach to the trees you will need panty hose. First cut the legs off, and then cut each leg in half lengthwise.  I prefer them to other methods because they allow you to attach the orchid very tight to the tree which is the second most important thing I cant stress enough. Tie it at the base where the roots are, then loosely at the top so the plant wont be top heavy and fall over.  I sometimes use large galvanized staples at the top of the plant in place the panty hose especially for Vandas (vandaceous orchids), to accommodate their shape.


When I attach orchids to rocks, I use a glue product called Liquid Nails.  I put the liquid nails on the bottom of the plant and hold it in place until the glue sets.  If there is a hole in the rock I use small stones to wedge the plant in place.


You will be amazed how quickly they send out roots to attach themselves.


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